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Developed, engineered and made in Australia, utilising patented composite technology.

The safe-n-lite support stand is produced in an innovative lightweight material for a work, jacking or support stand, which, safely supports raised equipment during service, maintenance activities and storage.

Encompassing multiple solutions and designs, the safe-n-lite support stand caters for extreme loads required to surpass the relevant safety standards globally. The safe-n-lite support stand is significantly lighter than any jacking, work or support stand available in the world.

The safe-n-lite support stand have been designed to meet the requirements of – Australian Standard AS/NZS 2538:2016 and are independently tested and certified.


  • Engineered to eliminate failure points common with adjustable stands.
  • Patented, certified and compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2538:2016.
  • Lightweight, robust and corrosion resistant.
  • Increased service life with no maintenance.
  • Reinforced base plate. / Solid steel engagement head.
  • High strength composite support column.
  • Multi-functional tool engagement head.
  • Stores neatly and securely on the safe-n-lite support stand wall mounted storage system, reducing floor space.


  • safe-n-lite support stand is a robust, yet lightweight support stand to safely support vehicles, machinery and equipment.
  • safe-n-lite support stand is designed to address long term human safety and ergonomic risks associated with traditional jacking or work stands.
  • safe-n-lite support stand can be easily maneuvered for work stand placement and retrieval.
  • safe-n-lite support stand are designed to address the risk of personal injury associated with manually handling stands which have been traditionally made from steel.
  • After considerable research, it has been identified that the adjustable mechanism has been a contributing factor to personal injury and work stand failures. The safe-n-lite support stand has eliminated the conventional adjustable height function, eliminating the risk to the user.

Our safe-n-lite support stand is manufactured in sizes ranging from 15t up to 75t, and ranging in heights from 250mm to 2200mm with custom heights available.

All safe-n-lite support stands are tested to three times their capacity.